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Samsung A650

Say goodbye to traditional dialing by using voice-activated dialing to call family and friends. The Samsung SCH-A650 allows customers to summon 20 phone numbers using the sound of their voice. In addition, customers can keep their lives in order with the SCH-A650's built-in organizer. Productivity tools include a scheduler, to-do list, memo pad, alarm clock, and calculator. Call management tools include a phone book, call logs, caller ID and voice mail.

Price: FREE
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LG VX5200

The LG VX5200 showcases style and function in LG's sleek trademark clamshell form factor. Featuring an integrated VGA camera, the VX5200 also features speaker-independent voice recognition and LG's hands-free 'drive mode' for maximum safety while using the phone in the car. Fun extras like BREW gaming and MMS make the VX5200 the handset that combines business with pleasure...

Price: $49.00
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Motorola W315

The Motorola W315 combines stylish design with smart functionality. Boasting a sleek black detailing with a unique rounded shape, the W315 offers tactile, soft-touch housing and a large color screen with a unique exterior vertical display - all at a budget-friendly price. Offering user-friendly features in a stylish, affordable handset, the Motorola W315 is the perfect mobile for easy, on-the-go communications. With advanced messaging features and ample talk and standby times, the W315 gives consumers the tools to stay in touch and on track...

Price: $79.00
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Motorola V710

Being the first CDMA phone with Bluetooth functionality, the Motorola V710 gained quick acclaim when details of its features leaked. Being more prevalent in GSM, the CDMA market had never quite embraced Bluetooth. And users have waited anxiously in hopes that a device may soon come. Users may have to wait a bit longer for full Bluetooth functionality though. Angry consumers have filed a class action lawsuit over Verizon's sly firmware change; crippling Bluetooth by disabling file transfers. However, crafty consumers have managed to re-enable their Bluetooth transfer capabilities by re-flashing their firmware to other versions..

Price: $79.00
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